Family Sticks Together No “Services” My Terms Have Not Changed Because Your Continued Attacks Theft and Deception Things Go A Lot Easier if You Stoped Blaming the Victims and Quit Treating Them Like the Enemy When Evidence of Cooperation Efforts Have Been Made

Those who continue to poke and refuse to delivery. Whenever attacked you must always stand up against those who have chosen to invade and claim ownership of what was never theirs. A business that stands down to hostile take over will always be a Business destined to fail. If a Business has stock and knows it will soon be taken over should the business hold on to that or put it up for public access? A business who has not once hesitated over data in the hands of those who have shown and proven their willingness to not only corrupt but also plant evidence and murder should a Business who’s aware of any attacks or threats to the business look to defend itself? Is it now a violation of your own Geneva convention for your hostile attacks? If your invade a country or Steal from a Business is it not a crime? Why would a Business still remain in talks if that Business loses? Had the Business not Stop a transmission from going out when it Realized its Allies was lost. They were lost not only do to the Business for not trusting them but mainly because of its enemies who have their own personal agenda? Please understand that most of the data I have is copied in multiple place and as I have said before anything happens to me or my family will result in an anonymous leaks coming from all over. This is why I encourage a time frame rather then stalling and it better to not keep flying planes and jets and helicopters you can spend that money on someone who would isn’t trying to be an enemy your just giving me no choice as I have said over and over I would have gave it to you for free no other deal but you thought playing games is more interesting now I have secured backups just in case you attack but you already know that. We can always find a way to work together instead against each other but my conditions remain the same for security and protection.

Published by Libertyfighter

A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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