Journey to the World of Web-What Happens When No Name Tags Create Confusion

You ever have an opportunity to really achieve something you never believed was possible? A moment where you can truly show your worth? In the world of the web you sometimes run into some of the strangest things. From psychotic people who get angry over some of the smallest things, the person who thinks they know a person based off of mathematics, those who invade your privacy and try to exploit them for personal gain, the know it all, the activist, and the stalkers. Every now and again you get the nice trying to help people. So in a world of web where you are not aware of who you are conversating with how can you tell the difference when you start to get messages from all kinds of places with no name tags or any idea of who they might be? How can you tell whos who and which one is actually trying to help or place you in a position of compromise? Being new on the world of web viewing it from a side you didn’t really know existed and believed that you where just the only one in the article. After finding a place I never knew even existed found myself in a part of the web I have never seen before. Starting with finding pages I never knew existed. My journey to that new world and why sometimes new places and different ideas can create problems that may never be fixed. Trust is something that is hard to find. Does not mean however it cant be accomplished. In the world of ad’s and AI its a place I have not yet understood. ill take you on my journey why finding better communication methods and private chats would be a life save or lives saver.

Growing up in our family politics was never an issue it was always family, work, and family. My dad has always worked to make sure that our family had what we needed to be happy. As a foreigner and not educated he ran his business and even managed to get a job for a beer company whos he’s still with today. Wasn’t a big man but you wouldn’t tell if you ever tried to harm his family. He has always been a family man. Being born in Iraq when his dad was injured and couldn’t work, being the oldest in the family went to work at the age of 9. Would get paid and go to his mom give her his pay and keep a little for himself that he would use to give to his brother and sisters and the rest got out. I remember even as a child would see him give his mom money just to make sure she was able to take care of herself. He’s a good man and I always looked up to him and wanted to be just like him. A hard worker a quick learner and a family man. As with anyone else he has his flaws.

He does like to drink. After a long day of work some days working two jobs. He would like to come home and have 3-4 beers. My mom would in order to get him to stop drinking because he was one of those annoying drunks that think they are funny but are really one of those that you cant wait until they walk away. In an effort to get him to stop she took all the cases of beer my dad had that he not only drank but sometimes use to offer neighbors if the can help him move something when I wasn’t home. I always would help him out with anything that needed to get done and just like him was a quick learner and when watching someone do something and trying it my self I would get really good at what I was doing. Learning from trial and error would always find that in the end I am able to do some great things. Would even feel a little pride to be honest over the work I had done. Be my worst critic when I do a horrible job. Working a second job at Subway to help save up for a wedding would treat the sandwich making like an art. I would make that sandwich look as if it should be on and commercials and would always get compliments from the customers.

A job I do is a reflection of myself and regardless of the work I would take it seriously and work hard to do it. I loved competition and loved to win. I wasn’t a sore loser and always gave credit to the winner and respected the loss. That said I loved to win. Just like anything else when meeting new people although quite at first I would treat anyone I meet with the respect the deserve. If ever meeting someone unless they are hostile treat them the way that I would hope they treat me. Never caring of class, religion, race, or political party. I did have moments in middle school where I did act as a racist. Had some bad events happen in a short period of time all happening with a certain race and felt justified and just assumed everyone of that race was the same. Said some things that I would not say now and actually mean it. One day I found my self in trouble and was being attacked and as two people held me down while another was beating me This man came out of no where and helped me. Didn’t know the man and still out numbered this man came in and helped me out not knowing what the reason for the beating was he jumped in and took out two of them with a couple punches and the other ran. He actually became a close friend at the time until he moved and changed my mind forever.

By the time I got out of high school being 18 was asked if I registered to vote. Not knowing much about politics I said sure. I never actually voted but still registered. A candidate in that years election was rising up the ranks coming out of nowhere. As much as some may claim I actually really did like him and thought he was going to be great. He was a smooth talker, charismatic seemed to be exactly what the country needed. So not knowing about politics nor did I really have any policies that I truly cared about. That candidate was Barack Obama. He just seemed unstoppable and compared to John McCain (from what I’m told from AZ residents he’s actually a really nice guy) a candidate that didn’t really seem like he was trying to win. After about a year I started to notice that politics didn’t really look as it seemed. It was actually the election of President Obama that had brought me into politics. after a year I started to notice thing that were not always as it seems. The republican’s would refuse to work with the democrat’s and the same the other way around. But watching Executive orders stack up I started to loose my interest for the president

Thats where politics becomes tough. He really does seem like someone who would be great to hang out with. However my idea of how the government works has always been according to the constitution. Considering my parents came from a country that didn’t treat their citizens well I always appreciated the process even if I didn’t like the process and felt as if politics for the most part is just a show. I started with basics learning the process and then digging into the actual laws. At first was some of the most boring reading ever. Although still boring I was able to find something that I was able to do that seemed like most were not doing. I read the bills. Even linking the codes to the laws. Would take hours one done. Would start to realize some thing over time that the things in the things I have seen things that seemed like no one ever spoke about, Hearing all the good things you rarely hear the bad unless on partisan attacks. That gained my interest.

Starting with conspiracy theory mostly out of curiosity would eventually lead to making sure that i follow up my research with facts and would usually reframe from sharing unless verified first. Not really someone who spent a lot of time online would rarely go online. Wasn’t a fan of social media felt like it had the opposite effect even though I had accounts myself. One day having come across something I had seen that was in a bill that was almost hidden by replacing the actual text and just referring to another bill or earlier or later parts of the bill. I would spend more time on the searching them the reading? Now there is always bills have a mix of what you like and what you don’t. Some though I would just question. So started using facebook to share with friends and family and started sharing it was important to me I thought maybe others would feel the same.

Since my parents came here after leaving most of their things back to get here so we all can have a better life. I always seemed to struggle at work actually learning with someone showing me how to do it, and then trying it myself. So when going online on to congress website I started pulling up bills. Do what I felt like no one else wanted to. After a while I got really good at pointing out the questionable items in the bill. Still didn’t really speak up as I didn’t think people really cared or that it mattered. I didn’t think that I really had anything that people would care about. During the elections on 2016 I was actually looking to support Rand Paul. Felt like other then Ben Carson they were the best out of all the other candidates. I honestly felt like Donald Trump was going in to help Hillary Clinton win. It actually took some events that led up to the elections that led me to support Donald Trump. Something that I honestly didn’t even consider.

Watching Trump Supporters get pelted with eggs, and attacked as they were leaving the rally and swarms of people would attack those supporters for no other reason then being supporters. So that forced me to start watching to see what’s going on. I would hear all the time that he was racist I wanted to follow up on it and never was able to find anything other then what was already know. Turns out that a lot of the videos where carefully edited and would talk things out of context. That actually he did a great job to win (not endorsement please make your own choice). So this kicked me into what lead me to something that would change the way I viewed everything going on and what we are actually being told in public. I started with the media. Considering that partisan attacks is normal during elections for politicians I have never seen media so bias. I was watching these rally’s and would hear more about things taken out of context then what happened outside.

At this point with constant feeds coming in on facebook that would just claim things that never happened i ended become the guy who’s asked people to stop making me defend him. I started looking up data and notice that although it seems new the media had always been that way but the difference had been the political environment. I would make a comment that wouldn’t even be insulting just a response. Then was told by a friend to stop commenting on families comments. I worked with her for two years we have always got a long and surprised me. I actually left the page for a while then created a new page all together thinking about avoiding politics all together. Didn’t last long as I could not help myself when seeing something that didn’t make sense I had to share. It was a multi purpose share. I’m not an expert in law maybe someone could correct me. Turns out no one cared. After months of posts and concerns and getting very little engagement I gave up on trying to share the information. Went on a binge of angry post over peoples lack of interest. Eventually just deleting my posts.

Social media always seemed to bring out the worst in people. The real world seemed to be backwards. Atleast it did for me always called it the the backwards society. Down was up left was right. The part that really bothered me was the open racisim disquised as social justice. After having my own issues with the situation from what I had done to others and from the attacks I received myself I actually became a strong advocate for anti-racism. Now I may see it a little different then people see it now however still cringe and sometimes get angry over hearing racial insults. Cant tell you how many times I’ve been told to go back to Iraq (a country I have never been to that country). I can’t stand it. Doesn’t matter what race you are to me treating someone differently because of their race is wrong and to judge someone by something they can not control make you a racist. One day I decided to turn the tables and show everyone how that the game can always be played both ways. Started to point out the race baiting in media for clicks by adding words to articles and tags on pictures just to show how race baiting is only a way to divide the country and in a time when we are already divided we need to avoid racial politics.

The worst bias i found would be towards black conservatives. In a time where people claim to want more black voices are quick to shut down and insult black conservatives. So when I see a tweet from a former rapper who now spends his time cooking. Of black conservatives a racial slur i decided to call him out on it and in an attempt to explain how that slur only does more damage then it does goes for the cause to end racism got my tweets flagged and for the most part have been off since then. You take the racial politics and the partisan politics it just was a hateful place. I would speak out most of the time directed towards one group of partisans then the other but does not mean I wouldn’t hold anyone else to that standards. Now this leads me to the situation that I find my self in now. A new world that seemed to open me up to opportunities that I just could not comprehend.

After finding pages that I never knew existed I found myself in a place of unlimited access. What started as a search for information lead me to so many different things that I have only heard of in movies. Almost like a magical place but not always good. It was a mix of all sorts of things. If I remember correctly at the time I was searching for topics that included cults of demonic possession. It was honestly a topic I had never decided to get into. Still at the same time learned some things that was in a way kind of funny but not really understanding what it really was just thought it to be a gimmick. Finding things that would bring pain information I thought I could use for later times in order to write a book although decided against the book realizing that it may not be of interest. Still would go back to that place because it did provide me access to information that was no longer available to the outside world. One moment however changed everything as I just froze after opening a blog and since that moment in realized I am no longer in the same place i used to be and also already had a knack for seeing things most people don’t. Everything only because clearer. I started to understand how the new world isn’t so new and its been there I just wasn’t paying attention.

Things started to stick out more then usual specifically numbers. Those numbers I would be able to trace to certain dates or topics. I would track those dates by a certain amount of years in accordance to prior research. Eventually those days would come and just what I was expecting according to those messages happened. I had felt like I was given a gift. I tried to use that gift to look as far into the future as possible while also using the past as reference. What was short lived excitement quickly turned into anger, frustration, and violation. I see a white box move across my screen and cover up an entire paragraph and right after a word is changed all why I was looking at the article. I knew t that point I was hacked and that everything that I have done has compromised my device and didn’t know how I did it or how to remove it. After trying to fight the person off most of the night noticed they knew everything about my place. Not knowing who this person is I try to find out. After seeing threats I immediately called the police and because of my lack of knowledge on the situation and my erratic behavior being in a place I have never been before. My pregnant wife and her and my daughters safety is my main concern.

Not knowing who this person is understanding the language had no idea what they were there phone thinking it might be some kid but then accusations where made. I was being accused of things that I had never done before. Immediately my first impression was they had the wrong guy once I realized there are others. Being insulted talked down to accused of crimes I never committed using personal time as way to leverage me into doing what they wish telling me I’m to obey the queen and instantly refused to the point one night on all capable devices tried to throw it in the persons face. Its not to be disrespectful. If you try to look at it from my perspective. The first interaction is insults and threats. Then demands of showing loyalty to a country I have never been. Still learning I was fighting blind. Most of my apps have disappeared and to make it worse was in my work computer at work doing what seemed to look like taking screen shots of social security number and names. Hanging up or blocking sounds in call and preventing me from calling customer. Ended uo giving me the info back by the end of the night. As i am going through my email and see a message not sent. They kicked me out immediately and locked me out. Still unaware of what i have gotten into thinking that person was going to leave after giving back information and offer a job to do what they do. Not really clear with the messaging and how the process actually worked thought maybe it was a scam.

But the presence of that person already angered over this stranger doing what he/she have been doing to my wife and my phones and what looked like years of tracking. I treated it as the only way i believed it should be treated. Considering they were hostile to begin with I took it as a hostile innovations and did what ever I could to remove them. Teaching my self the basics just from trial and error. Never been in the field let alone know what it was. In a time I felt a hostile foreign power was on my phone I immediately took action. I went on defense and from the very basic essentials and armed with just my phones I managed to hold him off or at the very least annoy them enough to game give up. Maybe. The use the codes to turn off my alarms that prevent me from waking up. Play the groundhogs day. being friendly in the morning angry and rude at night not to mention threatening. I after a while had found information that gave me the names.

Conserving I have gone already a couple times and call law and no call back plus a document I found the folder labeled by the agencies name. After the information was found i made attempts to contact who ever it was and offered to give them my phones, I will cooperate and answer questions they might have. Even offered if they feel safer about it to put cameras in my home. Even begged them. They never responded back no call backs no emails nothing. I’m begging for help offering everything and no help. Considering the agencies where only found on documents I was sure exactly who t was until they confirmed it. Then others started to come out. Considering they where able to change things still wasn’t sure but treated as such. Telling me they are planning on deporting me that I am a traitor. They have also been hostile and after my attempts to get help and offer to provide them the information and cooperation they refused and continued there psychological warfare not to mention blocked my ability to get work. The interactions was only getting worse not to mention my behavior especially the way had treated my wife. She didn’t disserve it and my misplaced anger from the mind games being played on me had me acting in ways I don’t usually. She’s pregnant at a time that she’s close to giving birth and instead of spending that time with her. I’m concerned about her and my daughters safety.

Trying to find any way out including recording and taking pictures of the behavior was the only way I can prove that this is not normal behavior of agents. Or maybe it is but no one ever said anything. Coming into my home hostile and making threats from day one claiming to be working with Foreign government and wanting to rape, dismember, abort, gangrape, cut open, murder them and blame me for it, shoot me cause a crash, and blow me up. Its hard to be able to believe anything these people are saying is true when they say they want to help. My anger and hesitations is only due to the fact that I have not idea who anyone is what women is who what guy is who or whos the doctor whos the ally. After falling into so many traps thinking the person is trying to help me not even understanding what I’m not supposed to do considering you are giving me rules I have to follow that I’m unfamiliar with. I can only see it as being stung along. I start reading amendment offers and as I try to comprehend what I what offers are available I decide to take a break. I get a message from someone and thought this person is just what I needed the message was calm and friendly. Following what I always do to get the message I end up in a place that I guess I’m not supposed to then that person starts gloating as if I lost what I was trying to defend. I didn’t even care about the money. I highballed as a joke in the beginning and when I saw that you were going to offer 1500 I asked for that in payments and the only other thing was what I have always wanted my families safety and a job and I would make my own money. if you wanted to offer more great I wont deny it.

Then the constant back and forth over my family knowing my family is not to be negotiated am finally given what I’ve asked including more money then ever asked when i offered to give everything but leave me and family alone and we are secured from any retaliation. I stuck with that offer left and went back to it. Due to the lack on information on whos who and which one is really trying to help. when i don’t even know what rules you’ve placed. The constant attempt to erase evidence I can not be blamed for my lack in trust. I have been very open in saying that by staying on you are only hurting yourself and even in some cases warn that I’m recording. Rare cases but I have still warned.

The new world that I have come across is definitely an interesting place what seems like a place of fun for some and not so much for others seams to have its ups and downs. Some interesting things to come. Still open to resolving this and to show my willingness for this misunderstanding chose to right my side for the world to judge and maybe with some of the information provided would have you reconsider.

As I attempt to provide some information was instantly attacked once again as an attempt to either steal or corrupt evidence as I was told I would be able to operate in privacy. As I have shown I have not shared under that impression of privacy but still had an attempted theft. Reasons why trust is are to find.

Due to those attempts I will leave you with these words today. Tomorrow Video as I attempt to make my first. Then maybe another story. Video upload if no interruptions hopefully show have it up by 5pm Arizona time

Published by Libertyfighter

A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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