When Your Asked to Go by Certain Rules and you do Always that Guy Who Out of Greed Refuses to Follow Those Same Rules

Even as I try to stay calm and follow the rules placed in front of me. This guys so desperate to come after my wife and daughter who shouldn’t be anywhere near my devices continues to risk everything and everyone for his own gain. I have shown my worth and you helped me. I truly am sorry. He had left me with no choice. Without access I’m without access and open to attacks from them and no one will know. I have warned over and over. Asked politely to give me privacy. I’ve stayed out of trouble but just like every other time his greed ruins it for everyone trying to block me from offers while giving oh me an offer of taking my daughter and throw me in jail while he destroys the evidence that can prove he’s a liar and his data is corrupted. I have them on as far back as 2010. Still who gets the reprimand. Prevent me from and opportunity to work give me guidelines I follow them put up information as requested and to prevent himself from being exposed once again blocks me from an opportunity to work and provide protection. Still an error on the part of a selfish man who’s has done everything he can to disrupt my chances of success. Now blocked by me from being able to get any compensation for work again. I have tried over and over to cooperate offered to give them all this data for free. Showed me how valuable it of a and still not blocking me from being able to get any support until election and how he constantly violate my chances for a fair trail and to conduct business try to enforce rules on me. They refuse to claim me as citizen but my own state but want to dictate how I run my state even when I’m not violating any rules. Then because he’s got control he prevents any back ups. Seams like to me the one to blame is the guy who continues to attack for his gain only as I try to run a business

Published by Libertyfighter

A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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