Learn from the past. Don’t live in it.

Wrote this as a response to a post. The image from this still haunts me. It’s sad to believe this wasn’t that long ago. It makes me sadder to know this is the direction we will head back to if we don’t make serious changes in how we live and communicate with each other. Let’s work towards a real future. One we can all appreciate. To end racism we must stop it from wherever it comes. Don’t make excuses for it. We the people of the USA are one of many colors and cultures.

1920s lynchings Duluth, Minnesota, June 14, 1920 local (African)Americans were hired as day laborers to cook for the circus workers and patrons. Irene Tusken, 19, and James Sullivan, 18 Sullivan later told his father that he and Tusken were held up by three black circus workers at gunpoint, and that Tusken was raped. Sullivan’s father immediately contacted Tusken’s father to report the incident. The next day, Tusken’s father contacted Duluth Police Chief John Murphy who immediately rounded up 100 local African Americans who had been hired to work for the circus and lined them up for Tusken and Sullivan to identify their attackers. The pair identified at least six men, who were arrested and taken to the Duluth city jail. Meanwhile, on June 16, Sullivan was taken by her father to their local doctor who examined her and found no evidence of any physical assault or rape. news of what allegedly transpired spread through the city quickly, and soon a large angry mob of 5,000 people headed toward the jail, demanding justice. Duluth Commissioner of Public Safety William F. Murnian ordered his officers not to use force against the mob, allowing them to enter the jail building. They used makeshift tools to break into cells but were only able to get three cells open—the ones occupied by Clayton, McGhie, and Jackson. The trio pleaded for their lives and dragged up the street to the town square and hanged. A local photographer took a picture of the scene where and many locals were seen smiling and moving to squeeze into the shot. The picture became a postcard keepsake. The remaining thirteen suspects were moved under heavy guard to the stronger St. Louis County jail.

Wanna get mad? Get mad but your anger is in the wrong place I hate looking at this picture. They deserve better

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A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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