What Happens When You Fight For Everyone’s Civil Rights? Everyone Turns their back!

I’m told it’s a pie in the sky. A dream, something that can not happen in the “New Era”. As we see ourselves in between eras they call the renaissance. We are getting ready to set food into the “Modern Era”. Of course however, in order to do so we must experience a “mid evil” period. One of chaps and destruction. Prepare yourselves as they are getting ready to turn back time. I’m writing about it actually. With all the documents and the videos I currently have to back it up and also provide a history lesson. My writing will provide play by play. Explanations on how they use history and code names to disguise the message. Also a show why. Historians always can see into the future just by looking into the past. History always repeats its self. Attached are a couple of trailers of only just a small percentage of what’s to come. A small fraction of what I have to show. Thousands of pages ours of recordings thousands of pictures. Hundreds of sources but to make it easy to follow along will include snippets as well as full docs. The snippets will be direct to the point incase your not one to read the whole doc. Still the full doc will be included for full transparency. Not to mention the more people have those docs The more likely it is to be shared. This is a matter of life or death, freedom or slavery, manual Labour or sex Labour, and families with children or domestic partners with children being wards of the state being prepped for Labour(both) starting with last mentioned. Not exaggeration and have the documents straight from Congress to prove it. Are you ready for what’s to come? I hope so. I hope more that you speak out and act and prepare to stand up for our rights. The time has come. What side are you on? You don’t have to choose now. You’ll have plenty of time to think about it when we are forced into lockdowns do to “National Emergencies” causes by “Civil Unrest”. For a small cost the congress will finally stop the endless wars they continue to vote to keep us in. Only after Declaring the United Nations the rulers of this land.

I’m seen as the crazy old man. Labeled a terrorist, a criminal, a traitor, and a fool for giving up money and women for a wife and kids then sacrificing them for the rights of the people. Given the chance to take a deal for my family turned but down because what good is it to deal with a tyrant who won’t hesitate to throw you to wolfs. When those we love, grew up with, and stood by us when we needed them suffer. Family, friends, neighbors, and strangers all were there when my wife gave birth to our first born. Happiest day of my life. Even when there were those threatening to harm and even kidnap our child right before she gave birth. People we didn’t know existed, family we haven’t spoke to in a while neighbors, and even the close family were there for us. In a time we needed them the most. A time I had lost my job and forced working against me to get one. To take a deal with out our people. Is no deal at all and just a mussel to keep our mouth shut until we can’t do anything about it. By our people I mean everyone. I may believe in nations but that does not mean I don’t believe in life. A nation is laws. Life is a right afforded to everyone regardless of laws. I love life of all kinds. I love the people. Even though we may sometimes disagree and even argue and say hurtful things. We need to set our differences aside! They plan to turn the clocks back. We can’t let it happen. Think of what each country has achieved. What we have accomplished. Blaming technology as the reasons for the change. Willing to sacrifice millions and enslave millions more. All while a few rule and the military police the streets. Around the world we banded together to stop Nazi Germany but only after the destruction. We have a chance to stop it before it begins. Just speak out. Contact your elected officials but them until they get the hint. They also are being coerced by a shadow government who has been trying to do that to me. They collect everything about us through our phones, IP address, emails, log ins, debit cards, credit cards. They threaten to and have done to me sell personal information about yourself and spouse including bedroom personals. They watch my wife undress. They provide comments like it’s a YouTube channel after sex. Even when the phones off. They have constantly been pushing me to cheat on my wife. This is not the world you want to live take it from me. Threats of rape, dismemberment, aborting my baby at 9 months. We need to fight this anyway possible. We can still do it peacefully no one has to get hurt. Call your elected officials. If the USA falls. It’s over. The war begins. It’s going to happen one way or the other. Unless our elected officials are convinced to criminally charge those who have planned the invasion. Book coming soon with everything you need to know with documents to back it up. Please share this. Please look out for my book it won’t cost a penny just share it with as many people as possible.

Published by Libertyfighter

A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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