Safety or Freedom

How much of our privacy are we willing to give up for the false sense of safety? Think about it. Since 9/11 we have given up our freedoms little by little and what do we have to show for it? Most terrorist attacks since 9/11 have been carried out by people under surveillance of our intelligence agencies. It begs the question. Are our intelligence agencies actually stopping terrorist attacks or are they encouraging it. If you think about that just alone their tactic is to go after people who they believe might me influenced in carrying out an attack. Then under the influence of our intelligence they carry it out. Is it that maybe our intelligence agency maybe using their position getting around the laws using freedoms we’ve handed over for “safety” creating these terrorist just so they can take away more of our freedoms point at the attacks and claim that it’s needed to keep us safe? From my position were I’m sitting this is the only conclusion I can come up with. A man shot a Trump supporter point blank. Cars parked in the middle of the street while another drives up people jump out of the car start grabbing things from the ground and drive off. The man ends up being shot and killed by officers who claim he fired at them. A neighbor says he was sitting in his car eating doughnuts and his sister says he never used to be that way. She claims that he started to spend a lot of time on his phone and would start to become paranoid that trump supporters are following him making threats. All this before he walked up to a random Trump supporter and shot him. You would think with the amount of attention this story got that something would have been mentioned about what that person was seeing on his phone. Could it be that maybe this man could have been influenced through a shadow agency to believe people are after him? Could that random person actually not be random but the target the whole time? Is it possible that behind the scenes everything that we see on tv is to create tension and has been done all along to spark a civil war? In December of 2016 congress did overwhelmingly pas a bill that would allow military to take full control of the US government in January of 2021 even had in place military law. Is it possible that all this has been to create the type of tension so when the military does get control it’s to not create a rebellion? Why would I think this? If any of you actually took a close look at what you do and what you search on your phone you will notice more then just an algorithm. Subliminally your phone speaks to you and guides you through everything. It’s one thing I had one day just noticed and once you see it, it’s impossible to miss. To say it’s just AI and algorithms would be an understatement. Behind the scenes out intelligence agencies assign people to WATCH and CONTROL people. Watch us shower, change, pick our noses, have sex, and they even offer commentary. This isn’t an over exaggeration if anything I’m understating the level to which they are watching. They control our thinking by what they put on our screens. We are all stuck in a bubble do to the algorithms that show us only what we are interested in. They control those bubbles by what it is we see in it. Using your day to day mood or feelings they will use that to decide what to show you. If you’re upset over coffee they will spend most of the time showing you images and videos of why coffee is so bad and that it must be stopped and no one should be allowed to have coffee. Then show you how people are using coffee to hurt someone else and that those people are evil look at how they hold their coffee. Now I may be a little over exaggerating with coffee. But that’s because it’s coffee. Now picture that but instead of coffee a political opponent. What if I tell you that regardless of political officiating or race most people are no different then everyone else. We all have things we care about and all of us do what we do because it’s what we think are best? What if I tell you that you may be right and also at the same time you may be wrong? Would you ever know if someone never challenges your ideas? If you can’t defend your ideas against criticism, then are those ideas even worth following? If we’ve given our freedom away for safety and yet we’ve experienced more attacks and chaos since 9/11 after giving up those freedoms then could it be that giving up our rights is not the answer? At what point do we say that’s enough? We still have no answers for what happened in Las Vegas. Evidence seems to point at the fact that maybe the whole thing was a set up. Videos on the ground show fans at the concert claiming the sounds coming from the stage speakers. The problems with not having any answers is it allows theories to spread. How much of our rights must we give? They watch us in our personal lives and comment on our sexual activities. When unaware this works subliminally to control the mind and how we think and operate. I can show you what they think about you. They tell you everyday. You just have to be willing to see it. Edward Snowden risked his life and gave up his Freedom to warn us. I didn’t realize the level to which it reached until I caught them. Now i never miss them. How much of your life are you willing to share? The saying, “I’m not doing anything wrong I don’t care”, doesn’t work when they can turn, manipulate, or disguise everything. The techniques and the tech is beyond your comprehension and the lengths they go to protect it is beyond my limits of exposing as they control what I share, how I share, and who can see it. DO YOU FEEL SAFE?

Published by Libertyfighter

A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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