Who you really are

Nothing can show a persons character or really reveal a person for who they really are until they are left with nothing, on there last leg and are left with not many choices. If given the choice to take an easy way out, drop all of your responsibilities and commitments, by doing so you will be given riches and and love a life of a king would you take it? What if those commitments were to your spouses or your children? If left to your last breathe you either let go or you drown, will you let go?

Maybe I should ask this. Do you consider your family an anchor or do you consider them a ship? The way you answer this question should make the ones shove easy. I know when given the choice, I’d give up everything in the world for my family. Nothing can ever get me to let go. You see the way I see it, they aren’t an anchor, instead they have been my jet packs. They let me see the world. I see it from a point of view that many never get to witness.

If you are aware of a natural disaster about to occur and have the opportunity to save yourself would you take it? What if it meant you left everything you’ve known behind and can only bring with you your family, of you tell anyone or try to bring others you get left behind? What would you do? If you have an opportunity to save people, doesn’t matter who they are, all that matters is they need help, would you tell them?

What if they were people who wished the worst on you? What if saving them meant giving your life? Would you risk it? Are they worth it?

Morgan from “The Walking Dead” has a saying. One that I can never explain better then what he says. “ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS”, and I agree. I don’t value mine any more then anyone else’s. Also says “EVERYTHING HAS A RETURN”, absolutely right. Everyone is worth saving no matter the risk to yours. If I risk my life for a person in return that life may save another and it continues. I’m not ignorant to believe that peace on earth can truly exist, but I am courageous enough to stand up against those who choose to work against it. We can only have peace within ourselves, how do you plan to achieve it?

Published by Libertyfighter

A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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