• Drones overhead video taping,
  • ensuring that not one person distrusts the theworld they’re shaping,
  • To protect their crimes through the FCC
  • They find all sort of ways to censor me,
  • Secret courts in courts through deceptive tactics
  • Create foreign domains and proceed with deceptive antics,
  • Use their planted evidence to gain access to personal information,
  • Then use the evidence planted to continue confiscation,
  • Claim your a spy working as an enemy of state,
  • Knowing in fact it’s the opposite but it doesn’t matter it’s already to late,
  • They have played me for years and have no intention to stop,
  • A person of no power is no match to a corrupt cop,
  • Trading Freedom for safety holding no one accountable
  • Our intelligence has gone rogue still we treat them as credible,
  • They use their ability to coerce those who put into power,
  • Slowly collecting data and letting it bloom like a flower,
  • Conformity is a demand of the elite,
  • Threading to destroy your world as you know and insure your defeat,
  • The corruption so deep that they stop at no ends,
  • they will come after your work and your family and how far just all depends,
  • They discredit your life and your ability to think
  • They manipulate your internet and run psyops then claim you need a shrink
  • The goal is to destroy your kind and the way your viewed
  • This way anything you claim will come out as skewed,
  • People so quick to believe that the governments corrupt,
  • The second you claim they are corrupting you they immediately erupt,
  • See they can believe one thing and deny another to be true,
  • It’s because the people are week and although know it’s possible they refuse to believe you,
  • They don’t want their image of the world to disrupted
  • Even if this means that the government they dispute has been corrupted,
  • A person of no meaning or even in the presence of the masses,
  • Has been under attack from the very upper classes,
  • Who choose to rule this world with us as servants to the “Lords”,
  • Fake gods and fake rulers come to shut me down from leading the people by the hoards,
  • they threaten to tell my wife who will be reading my text,
  • Of my misdeeds if I don’t comply and then move to the next,
  • Apply a tax for no conformance and for speaking of the plan
  • Never realizing the man I am and conformance I am not a fan!
  • If they come for me what make you think they have not done against congress,
  • They continue to pass legislation for the powerful and claim its progress,
  • 2.3 trillion in relief for the people they have forced inside
  • Less then half goes to the people as the rest they try to hide
  • Racked up debt at home as well as the country inflation is inevitable,
  • Forcing people into loans making them indebtable,
  • the plans in place it’s to enrich the banks,
  • So in the next year the banks make out as the economy tanks,
  • The economy tanks and the dollar inflated,
  • The interest and debt piles up while the elite patiently waited,
  • The push for a world government and one world currency,
  • Will create the open trade system with a human trade policy,
  • If they’ve come for me and I have no pull,
  • To think they haven’t done this to policy makers I would have to be a fool,
  • I ask you to read my words and the text I’ve prescribed,
  • Then ask yourself if you truly believe it can happen as I had just described.

Published by Libertyfighter

A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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