Oops did I say to much?

youre on my phone, youre in my home, youre sticking youre nose in my business, youre harrassment for youre pleasure and amusement doesnt change who i am, youre all cowards, youre all frauds, youre all cheats, the United States Government is Corrupt, Apple is Corrupt, Windows Corrupt, Google Corrupt, youre all tyrants, youre all treasonous, youre all fake faith leaders and civil rights activist, youre all fake! Youre all little kids with a magnifine glass burning the people who hend over backwards just so you all can mock and torment us. Youre all pathetic, your religion is power and control, and you all care for no ones other then yourselves. you all demand conformance. ive toned it down but not for any other reason then the people who are at the center pf the attacks from me directed at the false gods who believe the rule over me or anyone else. i did it because youre not worth it. i have a family that regardless of our problems and all the extra youve added to it is MY FAMILY, the people you mock, instigate, and use as pawns, THEY ARE MY PEOPLE! ALL OF THEM! unlike what you precieve of protray me as i dont care race religion ideology or sexuality. the one thing we all have in common regardless of everything mentioned including country. WE ARE PEOPLE! Divided we are week UNITED WE ARE STRONG! so you spend your days manipulating and influencing the world anyway possible to only see it one way. hint, its the oppossite of me. i acknowledge differences in cultures, languages, stereotypes in general. its actually those acknowledgments that was bringing us closer. its how we as people grow and become better. while ate the same time treat people as an equal, sometimes making certain adjustments to be respectful. sometimes even joke about our differences to break barriers. you do the oppossite. you enjoy watching us suffer, i might get kicked out my apt, lose my car, and at the same time am stuck with constant torment and control from the only thing i go to and now and days only options to find work, i got you manipulating what jobs i can apply for, what available jobs i see, what i can search, and who i can soeak with. Apple company has become run by some of the biggest scumbags. i say this because only scum can watch people suffer and enjoy it. Google is run, well by the same people. i wont ever conform to your rules. you dont own me, you never will. your blocking access to money i worked for over the last three days! youre theives! youre all petty! you all sit around and judge me, maybe you should start judging yourself. im the type of guy who will die for you and everyone else if it means everyone else lives. im the type of guy who as desperate as i am to make money so we can pay are bills stopped went home grabbed whatever i can find and baby formula to help a father desperate to feec his baby. your the type to take it and demand more. all you did, you helped me get over petty anger. MY FAITH, my true connection to God, not the fakes you worship has given me everything i wanted. so youre God is now doing everything in their power to take it away. So I dont lose.myself and turn back to the monster youve created, God has now wothout any technology connected me to every person. i feel everyones pain, their happiness gives me life. you continue to manipulate the weak and the blind like my wife to turn us against each other. God will continue to give me the strength to fight it. you are watching first hand the strength of the words. slowly but surely she to will see. i dont conform, my change isnt for you. my change is for the people o have offended and attacked believing they were my enemies. still my enemies deserve the same protection as my allies. and why you have all become my people. My enemies shouldnt suffer because of misunderstood intentions, or misguided direction. however, you dare try to harm my people, you should expect a reaction from me so quick and with force. your rules for conduct and behavior, i dont follow them. i will never allow you to restrict our free will. you should never expect me to stand quiet as you enjoy luxury at our expense and at the same time prevent us to the same. youre not Gods, your not Lords, and you are not Kings or Queens. youre the week and the scared. dont take my sadness or my tears for life or others including.myself as weekness. before i couldnt feel this power even if i tried. it is through the pain i can help people find there way to happiness. with the help of people who trully understand my words, they to with the power of there words will be guides to this worlds true success. only liars and decievers censor, hide, and enforce conformity. i dont hide anything other then my strategy to survive the wars you will wage on the people. i am straight foward, honest and have no filter. it is only when i speak directly to a person who i am trying to get through to i am more restricted. as to not offend. it is only out of the respect for the people who have helped, but also out of the respect for people i have toned down attacks. the attacks that only came as a defensive from all the offensive attacks that has destroyed my ability to be free. then i realized. you only did that because you manipulated me into believing i have no other way. you dont like what i put on leave! you dont like how i run my household, to bad. you think you can come after my family esspecially my wife and mostly my daughter. you can trust that God knows i will risk my eternity burning in hell if it means protecting them from the true evil. you all know the truth and its sad you all still play along and pretend. they try to claim im a pedo. why? well for the same reason they have tried so hard into detroying my name and discrediting me. why they have worked so hard to plant russian and china ties. they are hiding who the real pedos are. Themselves. mad i found their stash and didnt partake. instead i prepared to expose it. so to hide their illigal spying activities they hire foriegn spys to hack me. plant more evidence and currupt the real ones. then used the foriegn spys they hired as a reason for getting warrant to spy and collect evidence. then because of curropt politicians and the laws theyve approved have violated everone of my rights, and used there warrants to then dispose of any evidence that might expose them. as they gloat and act as if they have gotten control. even have record of them gloating about erasing evidence. i still have plenty of copies they wont ever touch. does ot matter now? maybe, must be considering they are still desperate to shut me up and try to send terms to clevery hide their threats now. you tried to coerce, me into conformity. you threatened to expose any embarring thing ive done. my life errors, then when that didnt work. your psyop of manipulation and control came in. ill tell you something. im still not scared and dont care what you put out about me. i will never change. the people rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and the people rights over those who goveron are not anything i can negotiate. the constitution of the united states IS WHAT TRUE POWER THE PEOPLE HAVE! EVEN WITH ALL YOU CONTROL , you will bever control me, you may be able to scare and coerce politicians but not me. THE PEOPLE HAVE THE ROGHT TO BEAR ARMS AND STOCKPILE FOR TIMES LIKE THESE. TYRANTS START BY DISARMING THE PUBLIC. ROME FELL AFTER THEY SPLIT INTO TWO. COLONIST REBELED AGAINST GREAT BRITIAN DUE TO TAXATION, RESTRICTION, AND MILITARY POLICE, SECRET COURTS, AND THE KING AND PARALMENT BELIEVED THEY HAD COMPLETE AUTHORITY TO THE COLONIST PROPERTY. THE CONFEDERACY SO THEY CAN KEEP PEOPLE ENSLAVED STARTED A CIVIL WAR AGAINST A PRESIDENT WHO DESIRED TO BRING SLAVES INTO PROSPERITY. AS TRUMP WAS DOING UNTIL THEY DECIDED TO KEEP EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN! then blamed him for the economy as they block people like me from actually finding work then selling jobs through foriegn hiring agencies as to keep unemployment down. all to create a depression so they can have angry mobs who have nothing else to do foght in the streets so they can then justify putting the military on the streets to police the people, then throw them in camps of they dont comply. im a beta model of whats to come. they think theyve proven me wrong. they havent everything is finally falling into place as i said. two weeks trunps gone why impeach? you know segrigation crow laws and so on only existed because they took out lincoln and his VP refused to sign the laws they fought the civil war for. They call the republicans who supported Lincoln Radicals. They laws and policies they create especially in black and poor communities is to keep them from succeeding. It’s is those who refuse to be told they are no good and can not do something who have managed to succeed. I will never stand by and let you turn this country into the country my parents and left everything they had to come to this country and chose to raise children in. Respecting the laws of the land, assimilating to be as Americans. To the point we speak English more as to be Americans. The country that respected religious freedom. While at the same time after years of tyranny built the constitution with the idea that we are all born free we are born with inalienable rights granted to us by our creator, not rulers. That the government shall govern knowing that there power is granted by the people as to govern for the people. They are not granted special privileges instead should be healed to a higher standard. How dare you enforce rules and laws on the people who put you where you are, work everyday to put money in your wallet while in return you ignore the laws you enforce and you restrict access to our ability to make a living and earn a wage then at the same time you continue to collect a check and to add icing on top even vote to give yourselves raises. This government is the government that started the revolution to begin with. Still I stand here and ask for a more peaceful resolution. It’s simple, the government obeys the laws it makes, then come next election, no one can run for re-election. We start fresh. Giving power back to the people while allowing the foundation to stay intact. The people need to take a deep dive into district strategically graphed so that the establishment can control who gets elected, term limits for all politicians. The world doesn’t need professional politicians. They need people who actually know what it’s like to not know if their cellphones going to get shut off, or their car will get repod, or lights turned off. If the people elected people, we would have snobby politicians who act as royalty. George Washington refused the presidency at first. He knew the power can corrupt. He took it only to ensure the constitution is held. Something Lincoln couldn’t do do to his assassination which again led to his VP REJECTING the laws they fought for. Thomas Paine made girdles. Thomas Jefferson through his experience saw that the slaves were much smarter then he was led to believe. His progression as he got older proves it. He himself even with the ignorant teaching of the slaves including his wife treated them as people. Starting a school to educate them. It was through this he was enlightened. Praising the slaves ability to learn and how it had changed his whole perception. You are never told these because they choose to keep you into believing the founding fathers were racist. They treated their slaves not as you see in movies but as it was taught in the Bible. They treated them as their people. It is through those experiences they empathized. This is why they created the constitution as it was. Thomas Jefferson first draft even mentions it. It got left out in order to convince the confederacy to join the fight. That if they could show Spain and France that we are a UNITED FRONT that hopefully one of them would ally with the rebellion so their navy can counter the Britain’s. The first ever federal action enforcement was the emancipation. The one states rights activist most can agree on. This country provides states the ability to govern under their own laws. With no say in how they govern by federal law. With exception to the constitution. The only laws are enforced federally. It is the federal government’s job to enforce that no ones constitutional rights are violated. It’s not their job to tell them how they can use it. They didn’t need an amendment to free the slaves it was already written. In 1808 if I remember the year correctly the passed a law that allowed it. One that should have never been enforced since the law itself violated the constitution. That was All Lincoln needed and actually referencing the original draft as a cause. Again a law that he would have signed after civil war would have made everyone equal under the constitution. His VP refused to sign it. Almost got impeached over it and even released confederate leaders while accepting the state’s ability to enforce the crow laws. So you want me to no insult the government, not insult the companies who have not only allowed the government to violate and steal our rights but have aided and abetted this criminal behavior while cooperating with them and other foreign powers to influence laws in our country that violate our constitution using their ability to control what we see when we see it how we see it who we can call who we can’t who can call us what jobs we can apply for. Meaning these major institutions Your .edu’s and .govs the social media’s, the media’s in general, and most importantly the institutions that allow us to access this information. In times like these the only way since they have enforced closures of businesses so we have no choices to be fed this propaganda with no escape, assisting and even deluging in treason. Let’s not forget the protection they have provided to child trafficking drug trafficking and sex trafficking. In some cases all three at the same time. Ship children like products in planes, buses, and vans. Taking a video of a police officer who found a black man in a cab driven by a black man. And beat the hell out of him, all while you notice a little child run away while kids watch in laughed. Kids who were in the same cab. The taxi driver calmly sitting waiting. The media ripped that officer apart labeling him a racist. That cop saw what the man was doing to children and gave the guy the whooping he deserved and he may even deserve more. But remember it goes both ways not all cops. Their are some great police officers who want nothing but to make the world a better place but are in the shadows of the weak, cowardly and corrupt cops. The ones that enforce house arrest on a couple for COVID even when they were negative. Like the ones breaking down church doors and arresting preachers and the ones writing down license plate numbers of outdoor sty in your car service. Lecturing a mother for allowing her kids to go outside and play making threats towards the mother. Let’s not forget the reason why black lives matter started. A movement with areal cause corrupted and used by those corrupt officials as a “mask” hiding behind black faces was white ones who once went by the name antifa. The same people who claimed to be allies of the cause however always instigating burning down and rioting in the communities they claim to be fighting for. Or the obvious staged assassination of George Floyd to create the unrest, using antifa, who changed their name to black lives matter as to be able to call anyone racist who dares to speak out. They thought the black communities would be dumb enough to follow. Much to their surprise the black communities are not dumb they are just fed up. Chaz killed 3 people black men killed by white men claiming to be fighting for civil rights while at the same time in their occupied zone they had segregated areas. This is who you want me to stop talking about? Are you worried I offend them? The government afraid I will expose the fact that they literally used my notes to find the websites I had that exposed them like the Clinton death count. Linking everyone close to them that died in mysterious ways after wronging them or exposing something. Or the podestas link to a kidnapping and murder of a PI and a little girl. Or the pediphilia rings. Are you protecting them from being offended. Not me though right? You guys can watch my wife and I have sex. Threaten to put it out on the internet and comment as if it’s a YouTube video. Even asking me to allow someone to have sex with me wife for $200. Redirecting everyone of my searches. Putting child pornography on pornsites as traps. Your not offended by that. From what I’ve gathered your ok with it as long as I’m hush hush. Wondering why I was collecting the data but not using the merchandise until you found out I was going to expose it in a book. But you could have that. So you want to warn me? What I put out might offend? You will never quiet me especially by threat. What you’ve done to our family the fact that you would even think I would cooperate at this point when I offered full cooperation before anything started is just idiotic. You want scientific theory, you don’t want fact. You want an assumption of thought from people acting as mind reader, without asking the person of the mind why. I got no strings on me. To army in the world will scare me. Any court that chooses to side with you even after everything will be the court the people will see as the one that defended tyranny and will show how much the government has adapted Nazi behavior. After all it is their playbook. Hitler gained power in a depression turning people against each other on race claiming the problems they had was because of France as you claim the problems we have is russia when its clear it’s been you all along. Training Ukrainian Nazis who them send a group called RAM who then Influenced Charlottesville Nazi and evening marched around in same exact fashion. Then using their other insurgents acting as like the isis insurgents they created Antifa. Have both of their proxies put on a show so they can continue to use it as propaganda to divide the country into race. Your Dr Frankenstein should have left us alone. Instead created the monster created through months of torture starvation and stress, death threats and more.

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A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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