Why have people lost faith in God?

They lost faith not because of God rather because of those who claim to speak in the name of God. Hatred from religious communities towards non believers or those who believe different chawed people away from the only one who can save them. They spend their days calling people hypocrites and judging them for their action. Still the Bible says thou shall not judge. For he who is without sin shall cast the first stone. The words of Jesus Christ. They spend their days telling people how to live. God himself did not do that. He provided warnings of what shouldn’t be done. He then judged us based off our a was actions. God doesn’t hate people. For when god saw man he saw good. I don’t ever claim to know everything. I don’t claim to be perfect, I don’t claim to be worthy of anything other then my life. That’s because Hid gave me life. Had Christians (I speak on behalf the religion best fits mine) done more of what the Bible actually preached rather then claiming themselves to know this world would have not lost faith. I grew up going to church Sunday’s and Monday’s. For a while everyday. I lost faith for a while and made some horrible decisions in my life I wish I could take back and asked God for forgiveness every day for it. My wife and I tried for three years to have children and three times we miscarriaged. By the third time I was so broken inside I almost lost faith again. But even as I would make mistakes I still came back and begged God for a child. On Valentine’s Day last year my wife surprised me with a pregnancy test. It was positive. I nearly cried. I nearly cried because of joy but also because of fear. Fear that we would have to suffer another loss. I prayed everyday begging god to forgive me and give us a healthy child. Each miscarriage happened in the 7th week. We waited 10 before seeing a Dr. By the way 7th week was not just a coincidence that all three and the 7th week they didn’t survive. I was terrified to see the ultrasound and see the Dr. When in the room we get the image. The Dr says she looks great, the heartbeat is strong, congratulations. I tested up the best news I heard in so long. Still for me the fight wasn’t over. The whole pregnancy I prayed for my baby. Even as the world was tearing me apart and destroying the man I was I never gave up faith. For that reason my daughters named Abigail Grace. Abigail stands for fathers joy. She is my joy her father, but she has another father in God. Grace means a gift from God. My Gods Grace given to us from the heavens. Last year towards the end I lost my mind was doing things I never did before, was speaking to people and treating people I don’t know and never met before like scum. That’s what I was. It was because as the world was tearing me apart those same Christians I had mentioned earlier almost chased me away from God. I became selfish. Just as I was about to sell my soul to these people for self glory I looked to God and instantly knew what I was about to do is wrong. I took a chance, a leap of faith, that God is speaking to me and guiding me through this process. At first I tried to find a compromise with these people. For months every attempt failed. Why? Because they were never intending to hold up their end. I was making a deal with Satan. I see good in everyone. No matter who you are and what you’ve done. What you’ve done you’ve done because you have not known. Some have given so much to Satan they can not control it. You see we’ve been taught that Gods to blame for children dying. It’s the opposite. If a murder kills it’s not because God told him, instead it was Satan who got to him. We all have good and evil inside of us. Only God is pure in light and darkness doesn’t effect him. If a child dies, the child is protected by God for all eternity. I can’t quote bible verses or tell you what page it’s on. But I can tell you the Bible is still available. The Bible has a lot of information that provides you insight to life and what to look out for. Some claim the Bible pushes slavery. Still they never mention what it actually says. In a time of when it was written people were servants of others. It preaches that those who have servants must treat them as God did them. Christianity isn’t dead, it’s just been hidden. God speaks to all of us everyday. I never realized how much until I almost lost him forever. He has allowed me to see things clearer. As I stumble to understand it all I progress little by little everyday. I feel as we have been given an opportunity to be saved. I don’t believe believe that man is cruel just misguided. I tell him every chance I get. As time goes I suffer more and more and feel like I never have before. I have been given an opportunity I refuse to fail at. My failure could be catastrophic. As I suffer, I ask for help. It comes. However the suffering doesn’t go away for good because the world suffers. I don’t want fame, I don’t want money, I don’t care what happens to me as long as I know I have done what I can. I will never force anything on anyone, I won’t demand you believe me or believe in my faith. I will however do what I can to help you. Don’t let the people who try to bring you down dictate your life. You are not their servants. No man has power or authority over another unless we give it to them. Open your minds and open your hearts. Joy will come I promise. I had it most of my life. Up until about a year ago. Now I feel as if I’m becoming stronger and seeing more clearly. We have an opportunity, let’s not lose it. We may not get another chance.

Published by Libertyfighter

A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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