I ask nothing of no one except to open their hearts, through that they will then be able to open their minds. I have asked nothing of no one for any vanity. I don’t ask for charity, I don’t demand you follow me or do anything your hearts don’t already tell you.

Through suffering and power, those you refuse to give it up as they bring people to the breaking points of their souls. Driving out hatred and wickedness using our own technology as a tool to do so.

The tempters continue to tempt. My church is my home. I ask for no money, I have opened my home with open arms to all who wish to come. As they temp me to take the fruits of your labor I have refused. Still they tempt. If I do not follow they attack. Drowned me in debt with no way to pay unless I take their offer.

So they tempt. I have put my faith in God and he has given, he has protected me, and he is guiding me. He shows me only what I need to see. So I am able to then go back and see that o truly am in the arms of God. God is good. God loves us all and desires greatness. For we are his servants and not of man. That no kingdom rises or falls without him. As we continue to move away from God and continue to take the easy way and take the offerings of the devil, we see that the evilness is coming out of us. Evil once taken hold is hard to remove UNLESS YOU bring God back unto your hearts. God love you, he is pure, he will shine a light so bright into your souls and drive out that darkness.

So for the tempters, you can prevent me from from paying my rent unless I receive your offering that you have taken from the people of God. You can continue to tempt me. No more will I fall. Remember, thou shall not tempt the Lord. Doing so will only prove you wrong. Then again, Everything that happens is Gods plan. Nothing on this earth happens without his permission. This is why you attempt to quiet him. The truth will always break through the lie, as does the light through darkness.

God has blessed me, let him do the same for you.

Published by Libertyfighter

A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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