Intellectual property theft, intellect slavery, and UN control of people through contracts. A contract, terms and conditions, and property rights in everything in our lives sells a part of us. We are a commodity, the intellectual property. We are what we are signing contracts for. These devices we use is just a way for them to keep tabs on their intellect. You ever come up with a great idea of something you’ve never seen ever. You may say it out loud or write it down, then all of a sudden you start to see that product pop up out of nowhere? That’s crazy how that works. It’s almost like Biff taking the almanac and giving to his past self. You ever read about someone in the past and realize, man, it’s like I’m reading a story of myself? No? Wonder sometimes, how can that be? I have two theories maybe more, but if I’m right, how do I know it all of a sudden might pop up like it’s always been there. For example: 10 years ago I look up my name can’t find a thing. Today there are thousands. Why? I can even explain what’s happening to my phone. I’m writing about demanding payback for intellectual theft. With in seconds an article pops up with Biden claiming no more treating treating business with allies as transactions. They have referred to me as a foreigner(I am not) referee to me as a separate country(I am not) claimed I renounced citizenship(I have not) claimed I’m a terrorist (I am not) claimed I committed treason(I have not) called me Nazi(complete opposite) called me socialist (absolutely not as a government policy) called me a communist (I am not) and accused me of committing fraudulent business activities (I have not nor do I have a business, yet they claim “MY FAMILY IS THE BUSINESS” what can my family provide to them so we are “PROFITABLE” they sent the WORLD ARMY, the UN and it’s allies to control my thinking. I have been merciful, I became peaceful and forgave what they had done to me. However, the part I have not is the theft. They tried to trick their ways out of the debt through their manipulative tactics. I can prove it just with the book. One Prayer proves it all and proves that what I mentioned in the beginning is absolutely possible. I can also see plain how most of it happens. The science I can figure out but I won’t. I’m not going to give or do any more. So for them to understand my frustration and they start to get the picture all positive attitude is going to go down. No more work. On strike. I am only taking who believes the rest will can become servants for being apart of the manipulation and theft. You know Jesus died for your sins, so what, you keep sinning? You think Jesus or God would do that twice? You think you can steal from God and all is forgiven? You think making God your slave would go without any consequences? What God would give mercy to those who aren’t even asking? If that mercy given is for nothing and you repeat your actions then why even have that law. Gods law is not mans law don’t get the two confused. It is no wonder Gods angry. You try to force God in a box, he breaks out, you try to threaten him, he fights back, you attempt to show how vile and mean God is, he shows you mercy and peace and love, yet you still twist his words, steal and continue to try to manipulate for your cause. I now understand the dream. Same night two dreams one after the other. First one, a hole opened up in the sky and lava started to come down out of the hole as balls of fire rained down from the sky, I woke up and went back to sleep. This dream was me begging people to repent and beg for forgiveness. This dream came to me last week but stayed silent until I understood why. Now I do. In the true revelation God came and turned the world army’s to dust and they were no match. Judged everyone individually as they had to answer for all their sins. He came down with his army and turned the world into ash. Through the apocalypse. Destroys all man on earth. God forgives and is merciful yet you still steal and try to fool God? I trust is God, have faith in God, and respect God. As I have said, everything happens for a reason. If you can see this, it’s for a reason.

Published by Libertyfighter

A nobody who through personal experience have come across the truth behind what we perceive to be reality. Attempting to help in the process on transformation. Bringing you into the New World.

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