Broken system

If everything is shutdown, you need to find information, for example constitutional laws, how do you find it? The internet, so you would think. You type in a search and you get the information you are looking for, right? Why don’t you check for yourself. Right now, then come back. Search for constitutional rights ofContinue reading “Broken system”

Oops did I say to much?

youre on my phone, youre in my home, youre sticking youre nose in my business, youre harrassment for youre pleasure and amusement doesnt change who i am, youre all cowards, youre all frauds, youre all cheats, the United States Government is Corrupt, Apple is Corrupt, Windows Corrupt, Google Corrupt, youre all tyrants, youre all treasonous,Continue reading “Oops did I say to much?”

Misplaced Anger

When in a time the government has given us no reason to trust anything they say or do is in the interest of the American people, it is possible that the mistrust bleeds into agencies or organizations that are looking out for those interest that benefits us. Is it possible that because of the mistrustContinue reading “Misplaced Anger”


Getting back to my roots, put on my boots, and hold accountable the first who shoots! They hide in the dark, start fires from a spark, and claim they are building an arc. Here I come the watch dog, coming out of the fog, clearing out the clog, putting out the fire that roasted theContinue reading “Watchdog”

Remember when they actually taught in schools?


Drones overhead video taping, ensuring that not one person distrusts the theworld they’re shaping, To protect their crimes through the FCC They find all sort of ways to censor me, Secret courts in courts through deceptive tactics Create foreign domains and proceed with deceptive antics, Use their planted evidence to gain access to personal information,Continue reading “K-Illuminate”

Who you really are

Nothing can show a persons character or really reveal a person for who they really are until they are left with nothing, on there last leg and are left with not many choices. If given the choice to take an easy way out, drop all of your responsibilities and commitments, by doing so you willContinue reading “Who you really are”

Safety or Freedom

How much of our privacy are we willing to give up for the false sense of safety? Think about it. Since 9/11 we have given up our freedoms little by little and what do we have to show for it? Most terrorist attacks since 9/11 have been carried out by people under surveillance of ourContinue reading “Safety or Freedom”

What Happens When You Fight For Everyone’s Civil Rights? Everyone Turns their back!

I’m told it’s a pie in the sky. A dream, something that can not happen in the “New Era”. As we see ourselves in between eras they call the renaissance. We are getting ready to set food into the “Modern Era”. Of course however, in order to do so we must experience a “mid evil”Continue reading “What Happens When You Fight For Everyone’s Civil Rights? Everyone Turns their back!”

They are editing my notes

So just started going over my notes and noticed edits were made that were the complete opposite of what I wrote. Their was backlash yesterday about someone in the notes I couldn’t understand why. Now I do. They went into my saved notes and edited it. I thought something was off yesterday to when IContinue reading “They are editing my notes”